Air Brake AssociationAir Brake Association (ABA)

The mission of the ABA is to enlighten, educate, and establish a dialog to advance the safety and success of the rail industry. The ABA provides a forum that allows for the dissemination of knowledge that plays an integral part in the development of technology.  The technical presentations provide the industry with a platform to not only discuss pertinent issues, but also offer innovative solutions. This year’s program includes information on vibration and shock testing, a BSC update, and much more.

International Panel Discussion

DATE: October 12 | 3:00PM
DESCRIPTION: This panel will bring together the global railway supply sector to discuss, promote and support the rail industry’s progress in the modern, post-pandemic world. This panel will also discuss key challenges and opportunities facing the global rail market in the coming years.

End Arrangement Testing

DATE: October 12 | 10:30AM
DESCRIPTION: Presentation on findings from end arrangement tests performed at MxV Rail.

Proposed Criteria for Using a Performance Based Freight Car Air Brake Test+H2+B3

DATE: October 12 | 11:30AM
DESCRIPTION: The North American freight railways are progressing towards implementing Performance based Freight Car Air Brake Testing using Wayside Wheel Temperature Detectors on grades. This paper describes the benefits and challenges of Performance based Freight Car Air Brake Testing based on in-service use of the technology by a Canadian Class I railway. The paper also outlines best practices to consider when implementing the technology to ensure reliable identification of ineffectively braking freight cars.

Vibration & Shock Testing of University Solid Disc for WMATA Metro Cars

DATE: October 12 | 1:45PM
DESCRIPTION: A brief exposure of the importance of modelling and testing the natural frequency of a brake disc as a design and manufacturing tool to predict superior disc performance in revenue operation.

BSC Update: Gary Rogers, NYAB and Regulation Updates

DATE: October 12 | 3:00PM

ABA Business

DATE: October 12 | 3:45PM

Braking Bad Valve Tests

DATE: October 13 | 8:30AM
DESCRIPTION: The history of testing valves up to and including how valves are tested today. The presentation will include the 150 Car Test Rack, testing the individual valves and Single Car Testing. Comparing the steps that are taken to make sure a valve meets AAR standards for operation (including when it it rebuilt – COT&S) and how it is tested for operation on a Train.

ABA Business

DATE: October 13 | 10:45AM