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Sunday, September 22

Time RSI Track Air Brake Track (ABA) Railway Operations Track (IAROO) Locomotive Maintenance Track (LMOA) Women in Rail Track (LRW) Railcar Technical Track (RTSA)
2:00 pm

Making Washington Work for You: A Look at How Policy, Regulations, and Politics Affect Your Bottom Line

Harrison Wadsworth, Director, Siemens Government Affairs; Fred Miller, General Counsel, Minority Staff, House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Jake Schwitzer, Managing Outreach Director, Senator Tina Smith (D-MN) Bobby Benson, Advance & Outreach, Congressman Tom Emmer (R-MN-6) Mike Friedberg, Partner, Holland & Knight


Monday, September 23

Time RSI Track Air Brake Track (ABA) Railway Operations Track (IAROO) Locomotive Maintenance Track (LMOA) Women in Rail Track (LRW) Railcar Technical Track (RTSA)
9:00 am

Locomotive Storage Revisited | Problem Solving Basics | DC to AC Conversion Alternatives

Tom Kennedy, Kennedy Rail Consulting | Tim Standish, Progress Rail | Don Graab, Triangle Brothers & Associates; F Boris Iglesias, CAF Power and Automation

Future of Technology in Rail

Patti Lavoie, Toronto Terminals Railway; Lisa Matta, Wi-Tronix, LLC; Maria Waddy, Icomera; Kari Gonzales, TTCI

AAR M-1002 – Who Should Apply and How | AAR M-1003 – Who Should Apply and How

Matt Forister, Transportation Technology Center, Inc. | Don Guillen, Transportation Technology Center, Inc.
10:00 am

Regulatory Reform and 49 CFR Part 232- 2019

Steve Zuiderveen, Federal Railroad Administration

Transforming Railroad Policy and Investment: Placing Railroads at the Center of North American Economic and Environmental Revitalization

Michael Sussman, OnTrackNorthAmerica

Emissions – Locomotive and Engine Labeling and Record Keeping | Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Overview and Experience | Battery Electric Locomotive

Mark Duve, Norfolk Southern | Allen Meek, Cummins | Michael Cleveland, BNSF

When Women Lead – Reflection & Strategy for Achieving a Highly Impactful Career

Pam Arpin, CP; Maggie Vuono, Holland; Lisa Tuningley, T-RAIL Products Inc.; Kate Suprenuk, Union Tank Car Company; Shannon Emberly, CN Rail

D15.1 Welder Performance Certification Requirements

John Killion, Manager, Welding Processes, Union Tank Car Company
11:00 am

BSC Update 232 Re-regulation

Bill Sheesley, Union Pacific Railroad

RailTerm Dispatching and Software Solutions

Dan Mongeau, RailTerm; Jade Hickey, RailTerm

Effects of a HDRD Fuel Surrogate on Emissions and Fuel Efficiency of a GE Tier-2 Line Haul Locomotive | Used Oil Analysis – Is it Reliable?

Jerainne Heywood, Wabtec Corporation | Dennis McAndrew, Dennis McAndrew, Inc

Getting on Track: Professional Development for Rail Industry Women

Lorie Tekorius, The Greenbrier Companies

Safe Railcar Jacking and Lifting Procedures

Andrew Schaffer, Rescar
11:45 am

Railway Interchange General Session & Keynote Address

1:45 pm

AAR’s Train Control, Communications, and Operations Committee Research Update

Michael R. Newcomb, Union Pacific Railroad

Review of AAR M-963-84 Specification for Journal Box Lubricating Oil | Engine Oils for Improved Fuel Economy and Oil Consumption in Railroad Service

Anju Singla, American Refining Group | Fred Girshick, Infinium US

The Talent Challenge: Best Practices for Recruiting, Engaging and Retaining Top Talent

Nancy LaMons, BNSF Logistics; Maeghan Albiston, CP; Susan Marines, GATX; Colleen Leonardo, Railway Equipment Company; Sarah Yurasko, AAR

Interchange Rules Panel

James Williams, Norfolk Southern RR; Gary Nelson, Sidney & Lowe; Jeremy Luna, Kansas City Southern RR; Rick Koenig, Union Tank Car Company; Heidi Dyser, Union Pacific Railroad
2:45 pm

Safety Culture and Leadership Innovation: Lessons Learned the Hard Way, Part 1

Shae Birkey, Caterpillar Safety Services

Wheelset Savings Study – Using Conventional Powered Sustained Release Hand Brake

Dan Davern, Amsted Rail

An Update from the NTSB—Accident Investigations and the NTSB Most Wanted List

Georgetta Gregory, National Transportation Safety Board

Lost in Transition | What Can the Load Regulator Tell Me?

Amarjit Soora, ZTR Control Systems | Jason Smith, Progress Rail | Dean Becker, Progress Rail

Raising the Bar – Millennial Presidents in Rail

Cathrin Banks, The Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company; Kate Luce, Mississippi Export Railroad; Tanis Peterson, Railway Association of Canada

Hi-Tech Methods for Railcar Maintenance: Leveraging the Investment in PTC | Big Data for Small Rail

Kevin Stokes, CSX Transportation | Kristina Chambers, TTX Company
3:45 pm

Safety Culture and Leadership Innovation: Lessons Learned the Hard Way, Part 2

Shae Birkey, Caterpillar Safety Services

Underslung Air Hose Arrangements, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Dave Cummins, CP; Jason Reiling, Strato Inc.

LOCOTROL Remote Control Locomotives and Advanced Yard Technologies

Adam Franco, GE Transportation, a company of Wabtec

Battery Technology Options | AAR AESS and Battery Task Force Update | Locomotive Storage

Amarjit Soora, ZTR, Shane Sledge, Norfolk Southern,and Chad Muir, East Penn Manufacturing Co. | Sid Bakker, TPSC

Entering the C-suite: Growing from Project Management into Executive Leadership

Marsha Smith, Siemens Mobility in the U.S.

AAR Asset Health Initiative

James Williams, Norfolk Southern Corporation; Darrell Iler, Canadian National Railway Company; Bo Thompson, AAR; David Summey, Railinc Corporation


Tuesday, September 24

Time RSI Track Air Brake Track (ABA) Railway Operations Track (IAROO) Locomotive Maintenance Track (LMOA) Women in Rail Track (LRW) Railcar Technical Track (RTSA)
8:30 am

RSI General Session – Rail Supply CEO Panel: Key Drivers of Success in Today’s Environment

Bill Furman, The Greenbrier Companies, Inc.; John Wories, Amsted Rail Inc.; Ulisses Camilo, New York Air Brake; Moderator: Mike O’Malley, Railway Supply Institute
9:45 am

Supplier Diversity Panel: Why the Rail Industry is Expanding its Supplier Diversity Programs and How to Get Involved

Leigh Ann Vernon, BNSF Railway; Wes Hutcherson, Union Pacific; Jillian Schneeberger, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

The Development of a Modular Integrated Bogie Brake System

Ryan Kepley and Keith McCabe, Amsted Rail

PTC Implementation 2020 – Safety Improvement but With Issues Yet to Resolve

Paul Michael Lovette, Independent Engineering Consultant

Innovations in Wheel Set Profile Maintenance

Bob Harvilla, PowerRail, Inc. | Brandon Teal, Simmons Machine

AAR CPC-1338: Implementation of Chapter 1 & Appendix B

Matthew Forister, AAR
10:45 am

Innovation and Technology in the Railroad Industry: The Next 25 Years

Michael Iden, Consultant to the Railroad Industry

Reducing Locomotives Held for Material |Graffiti Resistant Locomotive/Car Paint

Mike Zerafa, PowerRail, Inc. | Steve Johnson, Florida CirTech Innovation Center

RSI-100 Product Certification Standard

John Byrne, Railway Supply Institute
12:30 pm

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High, Part 1

Mark Carpenter, Vital Smarts

30 Years of RCL Safety and Productivity, Here’s What’s Next

Jeremy Jovenall, Cattron

Big Data and Real-Time Processing | Implementing Predictive Maintenance for Locomotives Using Big Data

Viktor Gvelesiani, ZTR Control Systems | Connie Nordhues, Wi-Tronix and Peter Scholtens, Integrity Rail Products | Jason Mann and Connie Nordhues, Wi-Tronix

Research and Technology Update | Access to AAR Rules and Standards

Lisa A. Stabler, Transportation Technology Center, Inc. | David L. Cackovic, Transportation Technology Center, Inc.
1:30 pm

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High, Part 2

Mark Carpenter, Vital Smarts

Obstructive Sleep Apnea – Implementing Countermeasures or Hoping for the Best

Thomas A. Leopold, Anacostia Rail Holding, Inc.

Analytics Through Repairs Integration | Standardized LIG Data Parameters

Casey Pytel, Progress Rail | Cody Fischer, CP Railway

Review of Wheel/Axle Specification Changes | AAR Equipment Engineering Committee Update

Cameron Lonsdale, Standard Steel | Jon Hannafious, Transportation Technology Center, Inc.
2:30 pm

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High, Part 3

Mark Carpenter, Vital Smarts

Measuring and Managing Blast Operations | Reducing Your Costs in Blasting Processes | Focus on AAR Coating Shop Audits

Joe Craig, Blast Services Inc. | Brian Kenimer, BlastOne | Maria Betti, GATX; Jim Molnar, UTLX; Matthew Forister, AAR
3:30 pm

Decontamination Before Coating After Unlined Crude Oil and Other Services– A Practical Discussion

Ed Zaharias, Sponge-Jet; Brian Kenimer, BlastOne; John Myers, Carboline; Jay Grove, GATX; Steve Martin, Quala; Ken Campbell, AkzoNobel