International Association of Railway Operating OfficersInternational Association of Railway Operating Officers (IAROO)

IAROO provides its members with the latest operating and technical information that drives superior railroad management now and in the future. This year’s program will include sessions that cover emerging locomotive technologies, drones used in operations testing, and more.

Drones for Operations Testing

DATE: October 12 | 10:30AM
DESCRIPTION: Presentation of CSX’s use of drones for Operational Testing. Brief history of how this came to be. Summary of our program policies. Summary of the FAA requirements for commercial pilots. Will also bring an actual drone to display as well as some video of actual operational tests performed with the drone.

Staying Ahead of Well Intentioned Public Projects – Retaining the Ability to Serve Your Customers

DATE: October 12 | 11:00AM

STR; SmartStart, KickStart, and ESG

DATE: October 12 | 11:30AM

Yoho: Uncontrolled movement and Main Track Derailement – Safety Recommendations

DATE: October 12 | 12:00PM

Energy Management/Emerging Locomotive Technologies

DATE: October 12 | 1:45PM

Trip Optimizer’s Role in Interoperable Automated Train Operations

DATE: October 12 | 2:18PM

Technology Development on AAR, Strategic Initiative Overview

DATE: October 12 | 2:51PM
DESCRIPTION: Technology Development on AAR, Strategic Initiative Overview.

New Rolling Stock & Technology “Disappointment Syndrome”

DATE: October 12 | 3:25PM

Wabtec’s Automation Roadmap

DATE: October 13 | 8:30AM

Fatigue Risk Management

DATE: October 13 | 10:00AM

State of the Industry

DATE: October 13 | 10:40AM
DESCRIPTION: A review of current issues of interest to the industry.

IAROO History

DATE: October 13 | 11:20AM

Installation of New IAROO President

DATE: October 13 | 12:00PM