New Product Showcase

RSI is proud to showcase the latest innovations from leading companies in the railway supply industry. At the RSI Expo and Technical Conference, you’ll find countless opportunities to connect and build lasting business relationships. Our New Product Showcase highlights select innovations that are advancing the industry. Learn more below and be sure to visit these companies and more at #RSI2022!

Amsted Rail

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Amsted Digital Solutions, from Amsted Rail, is the only telematics solution for freight rail designed and built by a company with more than 100 years of freight rail experience. Released in early 2022, Bogie IQ™ technology integrates with an Amsted Rail Motion Control® bogie. This first-of-its-kind onboard technology provides the monitoring of wheel health and changes in brake system performance without the need for costly wireless sensors. Bogie IQ also provides impact detection, empty/load status with mileage, dynamic ETA, first-and last-mile validation, and automated reporting and alerting. Amsted Digital’s SCV software consolidates all rail operational data, including data from other 3rd party telematics devices.

Gasket Resources Inc.

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The all-new SecureSnap™ rail tank car manway gasket installs more quickly and securely than a standard manway gasket. Due to its thin and flexible tab design, the SecureSnap™ manway gasket easily snaps into the dovetail groove of several manway styles including the AAR-1, TRN-1 and UTC-1. Manufactured from Durlon® 9000 PTFE, the SecureSnap™ gasket has unlimited shelf life and provides high chemical resistance for many commodities shipped via rail tank car. Thanks to its flexibility, chemical resistance, and ease of installation, the SecureSnap™ is the ideal manway gasket for inventory reduction and process safety enhancements.

The Greenbrier Companies

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Three of America’s leading industrial and transportation companies—United States Steel Corporation, Norfolk Southern Railway and The Greenbrier Companies—have created a unique partnership to produce a new, more sustainable steel gondola railcar. Using an innovative formula for high-strength, lighter-weight steel developed by U. S. Steel, each gondola’s unloaded weight is reduced by up to 15,000 pounds. These award-winning gondolas will provide an extended lifecycle, increased sustainability and greater freight capacity.

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Metalex – powered by UPG, LLC – is a premier manufacturer of safety grating materials dating back to 1903. Under the name – Morton Rail – we have been counted on for delivering walkway platforms to the industry. Metalex is recognized and admired by its customers for unmatched quality and emphasis on value. Featured product lines include: Open Grip, Deck Span, Tread Grip and Star Deck. This range of products help create a safer work environment for customers. The competitive edge for Metalex includes its manufacturing footprint which ranges throughout North America. Let us earn your business!

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